Bastnaesite/Bastnasite Crystal Healing Information

Colour: Brown, Grey, Orange, Orangey Red, Pink, White, Yellow.

Area: Has been found in Balkans, Canada, Greece, Hungary, Malawi, Mongolia, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and U.S.A (these particular crystals are from Pakistan).

Appearance: Transparent with pearly vitreous look, greasy to dull. Rounded flakes and short prismatic crystals. also can be found in rosettes, spheres massive and granular.

Structure type: Hexagonal.

Hardness: 4 -4.5

Astrological Signs: Due to the rarity of this crystal this is unknown at the moment. To me it feels like Cancer or Leo.

Bastnaesite is a very rare earth mineral/crystal and I have been very luck to come across some pieces, even though they are small in size they are big in their healing abilities.

Bastnaesite works mainly with the Base Chakra but is also connected to the Sacral Chakra and works to help activate this Chakra. You will find differing opinions on which of these two chakras is the one that Bastnaesite is really associated with, but I feel that both of the chakras benefit from this wonderful crystal.

This Crystal is very energetic and powerful. Because of it ability to bend light it can show us things that would normally be hidden from us.

Bastnaesite helps to bring about change in our lives and also helps us to be less sensitive . It also helps us to not become obsessed with our emotions and feelings.

Bastnaesite is a wonderful crystal for all of those who need grounding, Especially thinker, dreamers and planners, it also helps these people to see their plans and dreams come to fruition. It helps to manifest dreams and desires.

Bastnaesite will enhance your survival skills and provide you with the instinct of common sense.

You can use Bastnaesite to clean the Emotional Aura and also to intensify your emotions. It will enhance clairsentience and protect us from negativity.

Bastnaesite reminds us to nurture ourselves and provides us not only with warmth but also vitality. This is a wonderful healing crystal to use for both emotional and physical exhaustion and also aids in sexual problems.

With this healing crystal we can receive information about ancient earth cultures, it is said to contain the energies of wood nymphs, the fairy world and old mystical forests. Bastnaesite healing crystals provide us with a profound connection to nature in every aspect.

For those people who are in what is commonly called the Green Movement” or “Back to Basics” you will find that this crystal will aid you in understanding and retaining information in this area. Also you will find that your passion is enhanced and that it will aid you in sharing valuable information and ideas.

Bastnaesite provides us all with a deeper connection to Mother Earth.

Physical conditions that may be aided by Bastnaesite healing crystals are: Addictions, Blood and Blood related issues, Menstrual Cramps, Ovulation, Ovarian Cysts, Physical Trauma and to Stop Smoking.

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