Colour: Green, Red, Gray, Yellow, Reddish Brown, White, or Black

Area: Brazil, Austria, Italy, Pakistan, Russia, China, Switzerland, Madagascar, Canada, and United States

Appearance: Flattened wedge shaped crystal, massive

Structure Type: Monoclinic – prismatic

Hardness: 5-5.5

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius


The name Sphene comes from a translation of the Greek word for wedge, the typical crystal habit of the healing crystal. The crystal is a favorite of collectors because of the stones mineral content, light dispersion quality, and habit. Also referred to as Titanite because of the stone’s high titanium content, the healing crystals are rare collector pieces because of their unusually high refractive index. The light dispersion from these healing crystals actually exceeds that of diamonds which results in clarity of psychic vision.

The high refractive index of Sphene is one of the properties of healing crystal that make it ideal for use during rituals and meditation. Another of the required properties of healing crystals is that they enhance enlightenment. Sphene makes communication with higher celestial bodies easier. The mineral has been also been strongly associated with the principles of shape shifting. Crystal healing with the mineral has the desirable side effect of strengthen bonds and aiding communication with animals.

For maximum healing with crystals, gardeners plant an array of the healing crystals in a grid pattern throughout vegetable gardens. The crystals placement yields faster growing and larger healthier plants. The aligning the spiritual and mental parts of the human body enhance healing with crystals. Once of the emotions are balanced, health and healing are much improved as the healer becomes mentally and physically strong.

Additionally, the patient experiences the same calming and clarity. Crystal healing is well known as a soothing agent for skin irritation. Other properties of healing crystals is that they relieve tooth pain and gum tissue inflammation.

Green Sphene


Raw Yellow Sphene


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